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The end of the hunt

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Sorry hatte jetzt keine Lust meinen Text zu übersetzen. ;-)

I got a tip that a hawk was sighted in a small forest area, and so I packed my gear and went out to search for him. After about an hours of hiking I can across some feathers that were blowing all over the place. Aha! I had definetly found its territory.

From now on I knew I had to move slowly and to be as quiet as only possible. After another 15 mins of creeping I finally came across a big crop field, and guess what! Right smack in the middle was a huge and most beautiful of an animal, the hawk I was searching for. =)

I knew this was going to be a tough one, try sneaking up on a hawk who is placed smack bang in the middle of a field with nothing but a 200mm lens.

"Oh well I thought", and gave it a try. Ducked, almost moving as slow as the snail next to me I moved forward camera at the ready. I got closer and closer until.....

Well I'm gonna have to dissapoint you, he only let me get around 150 meters close to him before taking off. No chance with just 200mm. And as the sun was sinking I also no more chance to get a shot of him today. But, I will be back to study his movements in detail. So maybe, just maybe you will one day see a photo of him here. =)

Wish me luck!!
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The end of the hunt   


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